More Robin Hoods?

Some past Robin Hoods

Above is another of Laurence's wonderful montages. This image ties-in nicely with the latest news coming out of Hollywood.

The myth of Robin Hood  has existed for more than six hundred years, spreading from its modest medieval beginnings to every conceivable form of todays media and entertainment. But even that fact does not account for the unprecedented announcement that no less than four versions of the classic tale are due from America's film factory.

More images of a legend

  1. Firstly Lionsgate have a new motion picture, Robin Hood:Origins in production that will have a similar format to their successfully gritty Batman Begins of 2005.
  2. Warner Brothers - who in 1938 produced the classic version starring Errol Flynn - are planning a new movie about the outlaw.
  3. From ballad hero to superman? Sony intend to turn Robin's band of medieval outlaws into Marvel style action hero's in their up and coming flick.
  4. And last, but no-means least are Disney. Yes, this will be their third look at the legend. The first and by far the best was of course The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952). Then, in 1973 they visited Sherwood again with the hero portrayed by a fox in an animated cartoon version. Now they have Nottingham & Hood, on their books, which they hope will launch a new adventure franchise rather like their lucrative Pirates of the Caribbean.

The legend lives on.. 

I would be interested to hear your opinions on these future movies.


Clement Glen said...

Special thanks to Laurence for the wonderful Robin Hood montage.

So we wait in anticipation for the new batch of Robin Hood films. I personally hope at least one of the productions look again at the original medieval ballad stories.

Steven A. Mckay said...

I was contacted by one of the biggest production companies in Hollywood about the rights to my Robin novel, The Wolf and the Raven. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything since but it just shows the interest in Hood these days. Long may it continue!

Clement Glen said...

Hi Steven. It's great to think they were interested. Your books take an exciting angle on the legend. Who knows what the future will bring!