Merrie Christmas and Happy New Year

I would like to wish all my readers a very Merrie Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Very special thanks go out to my regular contributors, Neil, Mike, Geoff, Laurence, Christian and  all those who continue to uncover various topics of interest connected to our favourite movie and have helped make this blog a huge success.

The legend of Robin Hood lives on. Hollywood plans another two new versions of the tale in the future and I will follow these reports with interest. But one thing is certain, Walt Disney's original masterpiece, The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men, will never be forgotten!



Clement Glen said...

Merrie Christmas to all my readers!

Mike Giddens said...

Wishing you too a very merry Christmas, and a happy safe new year Clement, and your right Disney masterpiece continues to thrill and entertain, the cast are like family that will be there forever.

Clement Glen said...

Happy Christmas to you and your family, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

All the best to you and your family: health, peace and happiness.

Looking forward for wonderful discoveries from our very favourite film, a Blu-Ray edition (let our fingers crossed!)

I appreciate your commitment so much!


Clement Glen said...

Christian, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. Thank you for your contributions to this blog down the years.

A Blu-Ray edition would be nice of The Story of Robin Hood. But here in Europe Disney have not even released a DVD of our favourite movie!! So we live in hope!

Neil said...

I am pleased to say, that in keeping with this wonderful film you have spelled 'Merrie' as in Christmas just as it should be on here. Merrie Christmas to all - We all have become friends through the Blog - although we have never met, we all have a common interest. As you have said before Clement lets hope for more finds in 2015. Best Wishes to All.

Clement Glen said...

Yes Neil, hope you had a very "Merrie" Christmas and have a healthy and happy New Year! And a big thank you for all your in-put down the years.

DNA - Do Not Avoid said...

We are planning our own version of Robin Hood, called The Robbin Hoodies. Follow the story and make a pledge here -

You can also contact me

Happy New Year! Chris Morgan