Personal Details

It is always a thrill to be sent information and details connected to the making of Walt Disney's live-action movie the Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952) and the fascinating legend that inspired it. This blog is not produced for profit.

But someone wrote to me recently regarding their concerns about privacy and the publication of personal details. I would like to reassure all my readers and contributors that I never publish any personal information and will only pass on details if specifically asked to do so.
Thank you for you continued support.


Clement Glen said...

Thank you for your continued support. I will only ever use a Christian name to identify a contributor unless otherwise instructed.

Neil said...

This Blog is always careful in the way it give out names - something as a regular contributor I know well enough so don't worry Clement on this score. I am amazed that you would have had any complaint and I think it is more likely to be more of a misunderstanding

Clement Glen said...

Thanks Neil,

Yes the person concerned was just unsure and new to the internet. So I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to reassure everybody.