Robin Hood's Golden Arrow

Although I have been blogging about Disney's live-action movie the Story of Robin Hood  for over eight years, it still amazes how much memorabilia still appears on the web from time to time. This arrow appeared on E-bay recently and I was very tempted to put in a bid. It is a promotional souvenir from the time of the film's release in 1952.

This rare piece of 'Disneyana' was originally painted gold (Robin wins a Silver Arrow in the movie) and made of cast metal, but sadly the tip of the arrow is now broken. Down one side it has the legend 'Walt Disney's story of Robin Hood'.

To see some of the vast amount of promotional material sold during the release of the film (comics, jigsaw puzzles, models, books, ornaments, posters, stills, etc.) please click here or on the relevant labels in the side bar.

If you have any memorabilia from the Story of Robin Hood please get in touch.

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Clement Glen said...

Robin Hood's Golden Arrow

Memorabilia from the Disney live-action movie the 'Story of Robin Hood and his merrie Men.' (1952)