Walt Disney's Robin Hood Props

I am very grateful to Brian Varaday who has been busy hunting down more examples of the props that were designed by Carmen Dillon and her art department for Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men. The live-action movie was the last of its kind to be made at Denham Studios in 1951. Sadly the huge size of the studios there became its downfall and eventually it merged with Pinewood. Then in 1977 the site was sold to a developer and most of  Alexander Korda's 'Dream Factory' was tragically demolished to make-way for an industrial estate.

One of my regular contributors, Neil Vessey informs me that shortly after Disney's Robin Hood was finished, there was a large sale of props from Denham Studios. This will explain why we have found what we now call 'Robin Hood's Chair' and other items used in the movie in various later productions. Many examples of this can be seen here.

The beautifully designed bench in Disney's 'Story of Robin Hood.'

Brian Varaday explains his latest find:

Another link between "The Dark Avenger" (1955) and "The Story of Robin Hood" (1952). The light coloured bench in the Tower of London with Queen Eleanor (Martitia Hunt) and the Archbishop of Canterbury (Anthony Eustrel) appeared again in "Dark' in a scene with Joanne Dru, Errol Flynn and Peter Finch, Once again Finchie was the chief villain.

'The Dark Avenger' (1955) showing the same bench.

Special thanks to Brian for finding yet another example of Disney props being used in a later movie. If any readers have spotted any more, please get in touch.

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The Disney Props from the Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952)

The Dark Avenger (1955)

Special thanks to Brian Varaday