Merrie Christmas and a Happy New Year!


I have now reached 660 posts on this blog! Very special thanks go out to my regular contributors, Neil, Mike, Geoff, Laurence, Christian and  all those who continue to uncover various topics of interest connected to our favourite movie and have helped make this blog a huge success.
As many of you are aware, this has not been a particularly good year for me. But in the new year I begin a new chapter in my life and I am determined to resume posting on this site with added vigour.
A Merrie Christmas to all my readers and a very Happy New Year !




Clement Glen said...

Have a Merrie Christmas and A Happy New Year!

See You All in 2014!!!

Mike Giddens said...

Life throws all sorts at us Clement, the very best of luck in the future, we all still follow and enjoy the blog very much. a credit to you sir. blessings, Mike

Neil said...

I totally agree with Mike's comments and Best Wishes, and I wish you well both now and in the future. Look after yourself. This Blog is and continues to be good and it is a place on the computer that I go to VERY regularly.
Thanks for all you have done. This film is a great one as we all agree. I must watch it again this Festive Season.

Clement Glen said...

Thank you both for your very kind words. I am determined to arrange a meet-up in the new year!