Joan Rice

Mike has recently sent in one of my favourite pictures of Joan Rice (1930-1997) as Maid Marian. This blog is dedicated to Joan's memory. Her portrayal as the girlfriend of the outlaw in Walt Disney's Robin Hood (1952) was a fundamental one and in this - her first major motion picture - she was a huge success. In a recent poll on this site she was voted the best Maid Marian of all time! To read more about the life of Joan Rice please click here.

This still from the movie has been posted before, but I am sure regular readers of this blog will be pleased to see this picture of Joan Rice as Marian again.


Clement Glen said...

Special thanks to Mike for this picture of Joan Rice as Maid Marian (1930-1997)

Neil said...

We could never tire of seeing a picture of the lovely Joan Rice in this her finest film. We have talked many times about her meteoric rise to film stardom and her decline almost as quickly. She was perfect as Maid Marian and I bet Richard Todd must have loved playing those scenes with her. Actually she was on a film channel on Sunday afternoon in The Horror of Frankenstein but only in a small part and much later than The Story of Robin Hood. Neverthless she still looked good. I would have liked to have met her and listened to her many stories about those days particularly on the set of The Story of Robin Hood - where she was a great deal of the time during the summer of 1951

Clement Glen said...

I agree Neil. I would have loved to have met her. All the people who have met her have said what a lovely, kind person she was. It would have been interesting to hear her anecdotes on the making of Robin Hood.