Joan Rice

An early image of  the beautiful Joan Rice (1930-1997). She was later hand-picked by Walt Disney himself, to play the part of Maid Marian in his live-action movie the Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952). To read more about her journey from an orphanage in Nottingham to the glamorous world of Hollywood, please click on the links.


Neil said...

Picked by Walt Disney himself - my word thats a wonderful endorsement to have. She lived up to his hopes and remains a great faourite of all of us lovers of the film. Sadly as we all know, she never reached these dizzy heights in her career ever again but, when you think of it, this would have to be a hard act to follow !!!

Mike Giddens said...

Yes Neil, I just cant understand why Joan never went on, maybe she was one of those people who lacked drive and ambition , or she never got the breaks, or she had done that and it satisfied her and she never wanted acting as a career, whatever it was we have a few precious hours to treasure.