Joan Rice

I saw this signed card on Ebay recently and although we already know most of what it has to say, it does give us a bit more information on Joan Rice’s later stage career:

 Joan Rice has been a familiar face in the cinema, where she has starred with Richard Todd in Walt Disney’s Robin Hood, with Dirk Bogarde in Blackmailed and Burt Lancaster in His Majesty O’Keefe as well as numerous others including One Good Turn and A Day To Remember with many of our leading actors. In the theatre she has had no less a distinguished career playing the leading female roles in such plays as Rebecca, Tea and Sympathy, Dial M for Murder, View from the Bridge, Bell, Book and Candle and Gaslight. Joan was born in Derby and educated in a convent, and her hobbies are animals, she has two Labradors that attend rehearsals, music and bridge.”

To read a lot more about the life of Joan Rice, please click here.


Clement Glen said...

This goes against the comments of some critics that said, 'Joan Rice couldn't act.' According to this and other articles that we have seen, Joan had quite a long stage career.

Clement Glen said...

The article is taken from what looks like a page of a theatre programme. The page also includes a short bio on Davy Jones and Tom Owen. In my notes I have information that Joan Rice appeared in a play with Davy Jones in 1973 so this could be from that time.

If anyone has any more information on this or anything concerning Joan Rice please get in touch at :

Mike Giddens said...

Lovely shot of our Joan Clement, wish I had information, sadly missed period, Mike

Neil said...

You are right Clement. She appeared in 'Forget Me Not Lane' with Davy Jones, James Hayter, Dave King in 1972 at the Leeds Grand Theatre and later at the Ashcroft and this was voted 'play of the year'. Certainly hit the big theatres and went on tour. This is 20 years after The Story of Robin Hood which as you say just goes to show that she was a good film and stage actress with a much longer career than we had known.