Hubert Gregg

Hubert Gregg as Prince John

Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952) had a wonderful array of talented actors and production crew. But it wasn't until I started looking into the life of the actor who played the sneering Prince John, (Hubert Gregg 1914-2004) that I was astonished to discover that he wrote one of the most iconic songs of all-time.

In a varied career of over 70 years, Gregg was not only an established actor, but also an author, songwriter, director and radio presenter.

There are many images and posts about his life on this blog.  So to read more about his memories of making Robin Hood and his multi-talented career just click on the label Hubert Gregg.

The song sheet of Maybe It's Because... by Hubert Gregg


Clement Glen said...

Hubert Gregg (1914-2004)

Prince John

Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner

Neil said...

As I have commented before, I think this was a great performance from Hubert Gregg - and so does Ken Annakin in his autobiography.
Hunert Gregg has worked with Ken before on one of the Huggets films, but as they both acknowledge this was on in a different league as regards the sheer scale of the operation to make this film. All strands come together prefectly in Ths Story Of Robin Hood - and that's what makes is a classic.

Neil said...

Sorry about the errors which I failed to correct before publishing.