Joan Rice in Scotland

Recently I was contacted by Alan King, who told me that he had some pictures of Joan Rice (1930-1997) taken in the early 1970’s and would I like to see them? Of course I was thrilled to see pictures of Joan during a period of her life which has remained somewhat of a mystery. This blog is dedicated to her memory and contains over 60 seperate pages of letters, magazine articles, glamour pictures and film stills.

This is what Alan says:

“My wife met Joan in 1970’ish (at work I think, but can't remember where). We were friends for a few years and Joan managed the letting of our flat when we moved away from Maidenhead in 1976. We sold our place a couple of years later and lost touch. I have fond memories of a lovely lady. The photos were taken in 1971 on holiday in Scotland - the Isle of Islay. In the one with all four of us, I'm on the left with my wife, Helen. Joan's boyfriend was . . . ? may have been Tony. He was Italian and worked at the Marlow restaurant she frequented.”

A very special thank you to Alan, for sharing his personal
photographs of Joan Rice with us.

Her last movie ‘The Horror of Frankenstein’ was released in
December 1970 and shortly after she set up the ‘Joan Rice Bureau’
in Maidenhead, Berkshire. It was here that her office dealt with
real estate and property. But two years later, Joan returned to
acting, this time on stage at the Theatre Royal in Windsor and also in Norwich.

To read more about the life of Joan Rice please click here.
If you met Joan, or have any information about her life, I would be very pleased to hear from you.


Clement Glen said...

A very special thank you to Allan, for sharing his personal photographs of Joan Rice with us.

Neil said...

What a wonderful find that is and Allan has really made my day I think. Joan looks very well in these pictures which were some 18 years after The Story of Robin Hood. She looks very happy there. I didnt realise she went back to the stage after setting up the letting agency but that just shows how important acting was to her and I would guess she still hoped to get back to those heady days of film stardom. Clement you seem to pick up these snippets which add a little more to our knowledge on so many occasions.