Sons of the Wolf & Films of the Fifties

Occasionally I like to review the work of my regular readers, known as The Whistling Arrows. In the past we have looked at Albie's web site Albie on Tour, the beautiful artwork of Mike and Laurence and the haunting music of Adele with Wren Song.

Recently Paula Lofting has had her first novel published, Son's of the WolfWith her vast knowledge of the times, Paula has weaved a wonderful tale of life prior to the Norman Conquest of England. Amidst those growing storm clouds, we meet Wulfhere and his dysfunctional Saxon family living against a backdrop of a simmering blood feud with a neighboring thegn.

Set in Horstede, a Saxon site mention in the Domesday Book, she vividly describes how Wulfhere’s family gradually become ripped apart by personal issues that eventually boil over and affect all members of the community and beyond. With strong, believable characters and great attention to detail Paula soon hooks you with all the colourful imagery and emotional trauma.

Gradually the canvas widens as Wulhere has to serve his lord, Harold Godwinsson. It is here that I confess to becoming slightly lost with some of the political detail, but her depiction of the Battle of Hereford is fantastic. Her expertise in historical warfare shines through and leaves you gripped.

This was a very enjoyable read and I thoroughly recommend it. I am looking forward to her follow-up!

Most of my readers will have seen Neil's interesting comments on the blog. His regular input and research have been invaluable. So I was pleased to find that he now has his own blog dedicated to the Films of the Fifties.

Packed with his expertise of the era, together with stills and posters of some of the classic movies, Neil's site is well worth a visit. Unfortunately, because it is not a Google blog I am unable to produce a direct link with updated images to his website. But a link to his blog is available here and alongside this page. Also you can access Paula's Sons of the Wolf in the task bar.


Clement of the Glen said...

Neil's 'Films of the Fifties'

a blog on the classic movies of the 1950's.

'Sons of the Wolf' by Paula Lofting available at Amazon Books.

Neil said...

Thanks for giving my blog a mention. I hope it proves interesting to people. I have always been a fan of the Story of Robin Hood as you must know - indeed it is my favourite film - so I certainly will keep reading and hopefully finding information. Certainly this computer and internet age has been great for obtaining films and memorabilia and reading Blogs such as this one - although there aren't many as good as this one

Clement of the Glen said...

Many thanks for your support and regular input Neil. And keep up with your work on 'Films of the Fifties,' its a very interesting blog. Some of my all-time favorite movies came from that decade.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.