Robin Hood's Larder

This rare postcard shows the ancient oak tree known as Robin Hood's Larder in 1913. It originally stood on land owned by the Duke of Portland where the ways of Sherwood Forest divided a mile and a half west of the Major Oak, in Birklands, near the village of Edwinstowe.

Local tradition states that Robin Hood and his men hid venison and game birds in the outer shell of the tree's hollow trunk. Sadly in the year that this photograph was taken, the tree was partly burnt by picnicking schoolgirls trying to boil a kettle inside it. Eventually it was supported with iron braces, but during the gales of 1962  the whole tree was completely blown down.


Clement of the Glen said...

"Robin Hood's Larder"

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Trish said...

It's a shame that the old veteran is gone.