Film & TV Clips of Joan Rice

Joan Rice’s appearance on Thames TV’s This Is Your Life was first broadcast on 23rd November 1988. It was hosted by Michael Aspel who presented the life of Richard Todd.

In March 2010 Neil sent me a copy of that original programme from which I was able to print out the dialogue and show screen shots of their first meeting in thirty seven years which can be seen here: Walt Disneys First Maid Marian.

Also during that time Theresa contacted me and described how nervous Joan was about appearing on that show:

 “I worked at The Kings Arms in Cookham from summer '88 to summer '89. I remember her appearance on ‘This is Your Life’. She had been incredibly nervous and wasn't entirely sure she could do it. She had also had to keep it secret so help and support was not readily available to her.”

Joan Rice and Ken McKenzie in Cookham in 1983

Maria Steyn (once a close friend of Joan Rice) has very kindly uploaded the clip of Joan and Richard’s historical meeting on that show, so that readers of this blog can view it. To see the original video footage please click here: Joan Rice and Richard Todd on 'This Is Your Life.'

Also on Maria's link is a very rare silent newsreel clip of  the wedding of Joan Rice to David Green on February 16th 1953. Maria has also  kindly offered to upload footage of some of Joan Rice’s movies in the future These will appear on this link which will be steadily filled with new clips, movies, videos as they become available, restored and edited for proper viewing - so stay tuned!


Clement of the Glen said...

"Film & TV Clips of Joan Rice"

Special thanks to Neil and Maria Steyn for making those clips possible.

Clement of the Glen said...

After a few technical problems the links should now be working (thanks to Maria's kind help!). Maria will be adding more clips from Joan and Richard's movies in the future.

Mike Giddens said...

How great to see this small part of Joans wedding day, Joan looked stunning, very happy, fantastic scoop. well done clement.

Jay Franklin said...

Based on my own opinion, Joan Rice really did a great job back there. I really enjoyed reading about the topic on movie and tv clips of Joan Rice. It seemed that everyone are happy to know about the success of Joan Rice.