Meeting the Outlaws

This is one of many stills from Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952). From left to right we see Anthony Forwood as Will Scarlet, Richard Todd as Robin Hood, James Robertson Justice as Little John, Hal Osmond as Midge the Miller and Elton Hayes as the minstrel Allan a Dale. To see our large collection of images from the movie please click on the Picture Gallery.


Clement Glen said...

"Meeting the Outlaws"

To read about the lives of the wonderful cast of Walt Disney's 'Story of Robin Hood', please click on their names in the right hand column of this blog.

Neil said...

Just look at the background also - the trees, leaves etc so beautiful and authentic and on a studio set at Denham designed by Carmen Dillon. This is another wonderful part of the film - the set design is about the best I ever saw and coupled with all the other magic ingredients that make up this film we finish up with the classic that we all know. The actors are ,sadly, all gone now some went on to longer careers and some just faded away like Anthony Forwood and Hal Osmond. However I think this was the pinnacle of Richard Todd's career in films at least.

Mike Giddens said...

One of my favorite scenes, very funny. Elton Hayes really shone in this scene when told to play something by Little John.they all seemed to have a great laugh that day.