Catherine Grant-Bogle

Above is a rare picture sent in by Neil, of the actress Catherine-Grant Bogle, the first wife of Richard Todd (1919-2009). She married the star of Robin Hood, The Dambusters and The Longest Day on 13th September 1949. But sadly the couple divorced in 1970 and she passed away in 1997. What Catherine did after her divorce from Richard Todd remains a mystery, so if anyone can help with information on her later life, please get in touch at:

For more information on Richard Todd please click here.


Clement Glen said...

"Catherine Grant-Bogle"

Richard Todd (1919-2009).

Information on her later life please to

Neil said...

I really hoped there would be some comments and interest in this one. Maybe Clements appeal for information will bear fruit and then another piece in the jig saw will have been completed.
I think Richard Todd and his wife - pictured here - had their first child during the making of Robin Hood.

Trish said...

Neil, I love Disney's Robin Hood, but everything that I know about the movie I have learned from Clement's very detailed and informative blog. Although I don't have any new information to contribute to the comments, I am interested and enjoy the posts very much.

I too hope that someone with more information will come forward to fill in some pieces of the puzzle.

Neil said...

It is good that Clements excellent Blog about this film has introduced people to the film which for various reasons has been largely forgotten. It didnt even make Video release until 1985 when all us fans rushed to see it again after so many years. My children loved it too. We have enthused about all the superb ingredients of the film and for me Clement has found out such a lot about Joan Rice who had disappeared from the public eye for years and about whom so little was known. Trouble is - like ancestry searches - it raises more questions than answers, so we find ourselves still interested in more. For instance the film trailer has yet to be seen again and also the financial details of its Box Office success which I think was substantial at the time. We also know much more, thanks to Clement, about Perce Pearce and Ken Annakin not forgetting Peter Ellenshaw with his wonderful matte painting. We do also have a superb DVD copy which Mike sent me after Channel 4 screened the film on TV using the original 35 mm film.

Clement Glen said...

Many thanks Trish and Neil for your very kind comments!

Anonymous said...

My auntie was a cutter in a factory in Bridgeton Glasgow for Richard Todds wife in the 50s.. I dont know why she would have had a clothing factory there ..