Picture Strip 37 : Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood

This is part 37 and we are now reaching the climax of Laurence’s fabulous picture strip of Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952).

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Clement of the Glen said...

Picture Strip 37 : Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood

Special thanks to Laurence

Trish said...

Oh Robin, did you really think De Lacy would behave honourably??

Neil said...

Well he was not a man of his word but he paid the price shortly after as no doubt we shall see in the next episode.
This whole sequence was filmed on a studio set at Denham which was very big and very authentic I would think. It certainly fitted into our imagination as did the whole film. There is a bit of this in the Riddle of Robin Hood film which was more like a documentary of the filming

Mike Giddens said...

This was always the moment to cheer as youngsters in the cinema, it was left to our imaginations to see the sheriff crushed.a great set at Denham.