Who Was Your Favourite Robin Hood ?

For quite a while this survey has appeared on my blog and I feel it’s now time to reveal the winner! I have had 395 people take part in this poll and the winner with 96 votes is Michael Praed of the 80’s TV series ‘Robin of Sherwood.’ In second place with 86 votes was Errol Flynn in the classic Hollywood movie the ‘Adventures of Robin Hood.’ Jonas Armstrong’s portrayal of the outlaw in the recent BBC series earned him third place with 68 votes.

Our Richard Todd who appeared in Disney’s live action masterpiece received 45 votes which gave him fourth place. From the golden age of television, Richard Greene’s Robin Hood was given 38 votes and Russell Crowe’s most recent depiction gained him 19 votes. Kevin Costner’s 'Prince of Thieves' reached seventh place with 11 votes.

Eighth and just ahead of his father is Jason Connery who took over from Michael Praed in 'Robin of Sherwood'. Sean Connery is ninth with his portrayal of an old Robin Hood with 7 votes and in those green tights and with 6 votes is Cary Elwes, from Mel Brooks’s hilarious movie.

One of the most underrated versions of the legend featured Patrick Bergin as the outlaw, and he received 3 votes. Cornel Wilde, Barrie Ingham and Martin Potter just got 2 votes each and John Derek and Matthew Porretta had one apiece. From the silent era of Hollywood, Douglas Fairbanks sadly never got a vote.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this poll and I hope you found the result as interesting as I did. Look out for the next survey which will be on your favourite Maid Marian of all time!

Michael Praed the 'Favourite Robin Hood'


Clement Glen said...

Who Was Your Favourite Robin Hood ?

Thanks to all those who took part !!

Paula Lofting said...

Michael Praed defo got my vote!

Clement Glen said...

Thanks Paula,

I was a little surprised, as I was expecting Jonas Armstrong and Russell Crowe to get more votes. Good to see Toddy up there! But Praed was certainly one of the very best in my opinion!

Darkmere said...

Michael is the best!!!

Karen Osment said...

Glad to see Michael Praed got first place.
Robin of Sherwood - a fantastic show. He will always be my favourite Robin of Loxley. ;0)

Anonymous said...

I think that conclusions from this survey will probably have more to do with the ages of the voters involved. Having said that, on this site you would have thought that Richard Todd would have been the favourite but it is not the case. For me it would be though. Of course in a lot of general conversation about Robin Hood, many people do not know this film at all which is a great shame. They dont know what they are missing !!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the survey! "Robin of Sherwood" - I say, my childhood favourite. Though... If we speak parody-wise, it'll be "Maid Marian and her Mennry Men". A question: will you make surveys about other characters? Such as other merries, sheriffs, sir Guys, etc.? Please do!

Anonymous said...

"...and her Merry Men". Spelling is my killer, so sorry.

Clement Glen said...

Thank you Darkmere, Karen, Anon and Helena. Great to hear from you all!! Where have you been??

'Anonymous', every generation gets its own Robin Hood and of course it does reflect in the survey. But as you say there were a few surprises!

Darkmere and H-e-l-e-na, Michael Praed and the Robin of Sherwood series still has a huge fan base. It certainly remains a firm favourite of mine do you belong to the fan club and visit the fan sites? I am currently going through the DVD box set.

I have already started a 'Favourite Maid Marian' poll and will continue through the characters as long as it remains popular. It will be interesting to see who joins Michael Praed in the all-time favourite line-up??

Keep voting and hope to hear from you all very soon!

Anonymous said...

Where have I been? Out here in real life, slaving away to pay my taxes, of course. :) Yes, I know about the fanbase, isn't it incredible? After all these years! Went to a number oа web-sites, still do. So much info, so little time. And which DVD set is yours? Blue-ray or the regular kind? Heard about both, I think... Thanks for the new survey, voted. :) Yes, it will be interesting to see a all-time favourites line-up of characters - I wonder who might get there.

Clement Glen said...

This is the real life h-e-l-e-na, amongst the warm summer glades of Sherwood! :) Here we dont pay taxes and just fire a 'whistling arrow' to communicate lol!

I dont have Blue-Ray, just the old style DVD set.

As for the survey for the favourite Maid Marian, well it looks like I will have to rally some more fans of Joan Rice !!!

Dan said...

The age of those who voted is indeed a factor, but another factor is, sadly, a lack of appreciation on the part of the general public for what constitutes fine acting and an interesting interpretation of a character. When that lack is in play such votes descend inevitably to the level of a mere beauty pageant.

For fine acting, then obviously someone like Mr Todd or Mr Greene would certainly be the winners, with Mr Flynn certainly close by. These gentlemen could actually act, which is more than can be said for the current crop, whose ridiculous hairstyles alone make one cringe. In addition to that both Todd and Greene (and Flynn for that matter) brought an interesting interpretation to the role which, again, few others have done. Obviously I hardly consider the histrionics of a 40 year old California beach bum like Mr Costner a aerious portrayal on any level, any more than the overrated Mr Crowe who is too dour and unimaginative in any case. As for Mr Praed, he might look good in a clothing advert for Harrod's but that's about it.

So, again, it is a pity that more than just what folks nowadays consider "good looks" wasn't used as criteria for a thoughtful selection.