Thoresby Hall

Albie was at Thoresby visiting an exhibition recently and took some  snaps of the magnificent hall for the blog. He also very kindly wrote a quick history of the place below:

"Thoresby Hall and Park are situated on the eastern flank of Sherwood Forest, close to the Nottingham - York road. The first hall was built during the reign of Charles I in the 1600's, but burnt down in 1745. The Earl of Kingston had the hall rebuilt in 1767. This lasted for 100 years before being replaced by the present hall though in a location about 500 metres north of the old. By this time the Kingstons had become the Earls Manvers and amongst their other properties was Pierrepont Hall in Nottingham.

The Manvers continued to occupy the hall until the late 20th Century when it was acquired by the National Coal Board (so that they didn't have to repeatedly pay for coal mining subsidence). After several other owners, it was bought by Time Warner and converted to a spa hotel complex which opened in 2000. The park covered around 2000 acres in area and was said to have a circumference of 10 miles. Most of this is still owned by the Manvers family with just the grounds near the hall being owned by the hotel. The stables and courtyard are now a craft centre which is also separate from the hotel. The lake was used by the owner in the late 18th century to re-enact naval battles. Like many aristocrats of that period, he had miniature sailing ships to play with. There was a full time naval captain who maintained them from an estate house now known as Budby Castle (though it was never a real castle).”

The statue of Robin Hood is by Tussaud-Birt (November 1948) a grandson of Madame Tussaud (famous for her London wax works) and can be seen in the Stables Gallery (above) at Thoresby Hall. It once stood in the centre of the courtyard (below).


Clement of the Glen said...

"Thoresby Hall"
Special thanks to Albie

Robin Hood Statue


Neil said...

I have to say that Thoresby Hall now as a Warner Hotel along with all the other Warner Hotels in the country gives a really great uk holiday. Thoresby Hall is well worth a stay as the place is just superb and looks so good. Maybe they will put on a Story of Robin Hood weekend - wish they would and we could all meet up !!!

Albie said...

A good idea Neil. I don't think they will do anything at Thoresby but we could meet up the week of the Robin Hood Festival in nearby Edwinstowe.

There is now a 'log cabin' village called Sherwood Hideaway next door to Thoresby Hall (think it may be owned by Time Warner) which would be a nice place to stay as it is in a wooded area of the forest.

Clement of the Glen said...

I will definately try and arrange a meet up in Sherwood this year, just as soon as I know my shifts at my new job.