Save Our Forests!

Currently our forests are protected by law. But the government wants to change the law to allow them to start a massive sell-off. National treasures like the Forest of Dean, Sherwood Forest, Grizedale, Alice Holt, Bedgebury and Thetford are under threat.

David Cameron can only change the law – and sell all our forests – if MPs vote the changes through Parliament. That makes MPs a key target for our campaign. Can you send your MP a quick e-mail today?

If enough of us e-mail our MPs, we will be able to persuade them to vote against the sell-off plans.

Please click here to email your MP and ask them to vote to Save Our Forests:

Thank you


Clement of the Glen said...

Please click here to email your MP and ask them to vote to Save Our Forests:

Avalon said...

Can I email him? Not a British Citizen.....But, as a Native American, I cant stand to see such waste. We have lost so much to our government. I hope the UK doesn't go down the same destructive path that our nation travels daily.

Neil said...

Never thought that this wonderful blog site which I visit so often could be turned into a political tool and I feel disappointed by it. Personally I am not in favour of this sell off but I dont know enough of the detail and of what is included or not included. The Headline Save Our Forests seems to be a scare tactic to imply that all the trees would be cut down but I expect there would be no material change. Now I will turn my thoughts back to the film as I feel that suits me better !!

Clement of the Glen said...

Sorry you feel that way Neil, but after reading various articles about the possible sell-off of our natural woodland and watching a very interesting documentary yesterday, I felt it necessary.

As you are well aware this is not a political site, but on this occasion I felt I had to act on something I feel very strongly about. I have seen locally how beautiful ancient woodland that I played in as a child, has been sold, fenced off, padlocked and gradually covered in concrete.

According to a forester I know based in Sherwood it could easily happen there and the other tracts of natural forest.

I am gravely concerned that if things carry on as they are, and our woodland heritage is handed over to people who are just in it for the money, our grandchildren will never experience the magical thrill of strolling through sun lit glades.

Albie said...

It will happen in Sherwood but thankfully not where the visitors centre is. the nearby Sherwood Pines Centre with its forest canopy assault course would be up for grabs. The visitors centre is run by Nottinghamshire County Council.

The real fear is that whoever is granted ownership of any woodlands is that they will not be able to manage them. The government expects local Parish Council and local user groups to take over running them. I have been chairman of mine for 10 years and this is the biggest thing any goverment has proposed for rural areas of England

Leave the management to the Forestry Commission - they know what they are doing. As a Parish Council we do not! As an instance of private woodland, across the road from our Scout Camp centre is an area of privately owned woodland. Many people walk their dogs and use Boughton Brake for leisure. Although in private hands its run for the owners by the Forestry Commission.

The danger for all is real and lurking in Westminster.....