Re-Release of 'The Crowded Day' (1954)

Maria Steyn has recently very kindly informed me of the re- release of ‘The Crowded Day’ (1954) starring Joan Rice, John Gregson, Dora Bryan, Thora Hird, Prunella Scales and Sid James. It is included on Part 3 of the ‘Adelphi Collection,’ along with ‘Song of Paris,’ showcasing the early films of John Guillermin.

The set can be purchased here:

The Crowded Day


“The third release of the BFI's pioneering Adelphi Collection is a double bill showcasing two early films by John Guillermin (The Towering Inferno, Death on the Nile). The Crowded Day (1954) is an engaging, bittersweet comedy-drama focusing on the intertwined lives of a group of shop girls working in a London department store in the 1950s, with a wonderful cast including John Gregson, Joan Rice, Dora Bryan, Thora Hird, Prunella Scales, Sid James and Dandy Nicholls; Song of Paris (1952) is a charming romantic comedy which sees an archetypal Englishman - suavely played by Dennis Price - return from a jaunt abroad to face a dastardly foreign Count in a duel for the hand of a beautiful mademoiselle.”

I would like to send a special thank you to Maria for making me aware of this.


Clement of the Glen said...

"Re-Release of 'The Crowded Day' (1954)"

Joan Rice

Neil said...

It is certainly good of Maria to let us all know of this film release - one I am sure I have never seen. Have got 'A Day to Remember' which came before this and again with Joan Rice and also The Steel Key both of which are good. Looks like Joan Rice again shared star billing as she did in her major films when they were released. She must have been a very busy film actress during those years of the early fifties. She probably made films at all of our major Studios - certainly Pinewood and definitely Denham. Great for us all to have these films to watch again - some for the first time !