Waiting for Robin

I just had to share this masterpiece with you all. Mike never ceases to amaze me with his wonderful talent as an artist, and his painting entitled ‘Waiting for Robin,’ in my opinion is one of his best!
You can see more of his work here: Mike's Paintings


Clement of the Glen said...

'Waiting for Robin'

Mike's Paintings

The Whistling Arrows

Mike! Perhaps your next one could be 'Waiting for Marian'? *Wink*

Sarah Waters said...

Hi Clement,

What a beautiful and romantic work of art! It reminds me of famous artist John William Waterhouse's piece, "My Sweet Rose."

I second the "Waiting for Marian" suggestion! ;)

-- Sarah, "Lady Archer"

Clement of the Glen said...

Yes it is similar to Waterhouse’s painting.
Thanks for your comments Sarah. I hope to hear from you again soon.

Mike Giddens said...

I will think about "waiting for Marian" perhaps by the spring when my mood really gets going, fresh green leafs and the greenwood bursting into life , this always inspires.