Azul Maria

I always like to feature the talents of my regular visitors to this blog and this particular member of The Whistling Arrows has a special place in my heart, as she has helped me through some very rough times recently. Maria, who some will know as Azul Maria, visited this site a couple of years ago, when she translated a Spanish Robin Hood poster for me. She is a keen photographer and a lot of her stunning work can be seen here:

Maria, or Montse as she is known on Facebook, also has her own interesting blog at, which often has a mixture of historical, musical and artistic features. She also has a love of the Robin Hood legend and hopes to visit England and in particular, Sherwood Forest very soon.

It must have been those artistic eyes of hers that noticed a blooper in the Whistle My Love sequence from Disney’s Story of Robin Hood. Something I had never seen before! But if you watch as Robin (Richard Todd) starts to carry Marian (Joan Rice) across the stream, the camera angle behind them shows Marian’s arms around Robin’s neck, but when it switches to the front Joan has her arm hanging down. This is now the second blooper discovered, thank you Maria!

 One of the many interesting pictures that Maria has taken is this image of a gigantic Ceiba. The tree is growing near Maria’s hometown of Tapachula in Mexico, in the backyard of someone’s house! She had to struggle through the undergrowth and extreme heat to be able to capture this amazing image. We don't get these in Sherwood Forest!


Clement of the Glen said...

Azul Maria


The Whistling Arrows

Avalon said...

I met Maria through your blog and I am thankful for the many dear friendships I have made online. She is very talented and sweet, but also very pretty....nice photo! I think it was Robin Hood that brought us together as well.

What a tree! We have those in California and Washington but not near my home, in fact I have never seen one in real life.

I must be slow witted because I never catch bloopers. I have watched The Last of Mohicans a hundred times and so far my son has seen two bloopers that I should have found myself. Sounds like Maria has the quick sense that I lack and if we lived a thousand years ago, lol, she would be the one with the hunt of the day and me, the one with an arrow in my side:)

Lovely post. I hope Maria makes it to Sherwood Forest soon.