Souvenir Programme from the Premier of Disney's Robin Hood

One of the most rewarding things about running this blog is hearing from my new readers and fellow enthusiasts of Disney’s Story of Robin Hood. So it was great to hear from Laurence last week, when he contacted me with this original copy of the lavish souvenir programme from the premiere of the film.

Laurence says:

“It has always been my favourite childhood film. I have collected film memorabilia for many years and do have a few pieces connected with the movie. (I have an original programme from the premiere, cover of which is attached.) I also used to draw quite a bit and send portraits off to get them signed and managed to get one or two actors from the Story of Robin Hood, when they were still with us. I also got to meet Richard Todd on one occasion in the early eighties.”

I will be posting some more fascinating items that Laurence has sent in, so stay tuned. If you have an interest in Disney’s Robin Hood or the legend that inspired it, please get in touch, I will be pleased to hear from you. Just email me at disneysrobin@gmail

In the meantime a special thanks to Laurence for sharing this very rare item with us.


Clement of the Glen said...

Souvenir Programme from the Premiere of Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood (1952)

Herns son said...

O M G!!!Fantastic, fabulous, never seen this before what a great item, is there no end, I hope not, cant wait to see more clement.

Ladytink_534 said...

How cool! I wish there was a blog for every Disney movie so more of this amazing material can be collected!

Clement of the Glen said...

This has become a fascinating journey in so many ways. And together we have uncovered so much about this forgotten movie.

This has been largely down to the tremendous input of my readers.

There are a couple of things I have noticed about the programme cover. Firstly, the rather heavy Art Noveau style of the border and secondly the illustrations inside look rather like the work of the artist who did the jigsaw puzzles.

Laurenece has recently infomed me that the artist who did the illustrations on those puzzles was Arnold Beuvais.

Is it the same artist. What do you all think?

Neil said...

This is a truly wonderful remarkable item and how thrilling it is to be able to come across it. Laurence has done brilliantly to share this with us all. One thing strikes me however - it says 'Under the Patronage of Queen Mary' and we have sometimes heard that this was a Royal Premier. I doubt if royalty attended though for one good reason - The King had died only a month before and his funeral would have been say three weeks earlier. They would still have been in mourning in those days. Wonder who was there ?

Adele Treskillard said...

This is an amazing programme! Very rich scene, and excellent Robin Hood promotion ... how amazing to see the history of this beloved film!

Good work Laurence!

Smiles from Sherwood,

~Adele : ) : ) : )

Clement of the Glen said...
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Clement of the Glen said...

Great to read all your comments!

Laurence has spotted the name of the artist on the programme. You need to magnify the cover to see it. It can be seen on the left side above the title herald and across the arm of the Sheriff of Nottingham. It seems to be Walt Cousins.

WoodsyLadyM said...

That is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Avalon said...

Thanks for sharing. This is great.