Story of Robin Hood Letter Headings

Back in November last year I posted pictures of both of these ‘Story of Robin Hood’ letter headings and asked my readers if they thought they were both genuine. The coloured letter heading did look very fresh and new. But Bill Cotter, an expert on all things ‘Disney’ and author of ‘The Wonderful World of Disney Television,’ very kindly contacted this site and said:

“Yes, the colored letterhead is legitimate. The B&W version would have been used to send out "Robin Hood" specific updates during filming. The studio used the colored type for general correspondence, changing it out throughout a year as different films went into the release cycle.”

So thanks Bill for sorting that one out for me!

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Clement of the Glen said...

‘Story of Robin Hood’ Letter Headings.

Bill Cotter.

Adele Treskillard said...

I am endlessly amazed by all the fact-ology and documentation about the Story of Robin Hood & his Merrie Men which you dig up, Clement! Fascinating; who would have thought, stationary specifically from the film! It sure does look as good as new!

Smiles from Sherwood,

~Adele :) ;) :D

Clement of the Glen said...

Thanks Adele!

Yes, over the last three years we have found many items that are connected to that wonderful film.

And they keep turning up!

Adele Treskillard said...

If anyone can find them it is most certainly you!

Smiles! ~Adele :)

Avalon said...

Interesting facts.

Anonymous said...

Hi there... Yes I bought the Walt Disney note paper off E-Bay couple of years ago and it certainly is authentic. Printed off some copies and sent them to Richard Todd who sent me a Wonderful reply, amazed that I had acquired it. Also have in my collection original Rob Roy Disney headed note paper. Carry on the good work. Robert Fitzooth