Richard Todd and Burnham Beeches

Recently, Laurence thrilled us all, when he very kindly sent in a picture of his copy of the stunning original premier programme of Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood from 1952. Well, I am sure you will all be amazed by this fantastic painting (above) by Laurence of Burnham Beeches in Buckinhamshire, which he created over thirty years ago.

Laurence told me:

“It is of one of my favourite places, Burnham Beeches (not least because of its connection with Robin Hood). In point of fact, it was Mr. Todd who told me that this was the location for Sherwood Forest. Up to that point I never knew. The spot depicted doesn't actually exist - it is a kind of composite of the place I know and how it is in the movie. I even painted my, then, two young sons into the scene, though they are quite well hidden.

Below is Laurence with the late great Richard Todd, backstage at the Theatre Royal in Brighton in 1980. Laurence and his wife had just seen the legendary star in the excellent stage version of ‘This Happy Breed.’

Laurence says:

“Richard Todd had always been my boyhood hero (Robin Hood, Sword and the Rose and Rob Roy etc.) and when I met him I told him so. He replied that he assumed Richard Greene was every ones idea of Robin Hood - I corrected him- "Oh no, Mr. Todd, you are!"

Many thanks Laurence; I am sure my blog readers will be keen to see some more of your wonderful artwork.


Clement of the Glen said...

"Richard Todd and Burnham Beeches"

Laurence's painting of Burnham Beeches.

Richard Todd 'This Happy Breed' (1980)

Neil said...

Laurence seems to be very much a kindred spirit with his love of the film and everything that goes along with it. Many of us have been to Burnham Beeches - as Laurence says - only because of the film. I have tried to visit what is left of Denham to the rear of the existing Rank Building with only a limited success although it is quite close to Burnham Beeches and also have been photographed with Richard Todd in Grantham some years ago. A friend of mine would often see him shopping in Grantham even up to early last year. Laurence's painting is superb and I think he has captured the scene well. Like us all we look forward to seeing any memorabilia from the film - it is always exciting to discover something new.

Avalon said...

Beautiful! And yes, it took me a second to spot the children. I like how the trees grow up from the soil with the roots showing a bit.

Herns son said...

Fantastic painting , and so fresh, almost a film still, Lawrence is a fine artist and must be very proud of this work, i am inspired to try something myself , thank you lawrence , i too look forward to more , anything from our film is welcome.

Herns son said...

Maybe Lawrence could help us locate the tree where Robin shot Red Gill

Clement of the Glen said...

It's so rewarding to have Laurence as another member of our merrie band!

And thank you all for leaving your kind and interesting comments on such a regular basis. It really does make it all worthwhile.

Without your encouragement this blog would not have uncovered such a wide array of interesting articles and talent as it has done recently.

Adele Treskillard said...

Wonderful painting Laurence! It doesn't even quite look like a painting at first! It reminds me of the photo Clement took in Burnham Beeches which is currently decorating the front of our Robin-Hood inspired CD, Greenwood Gone. The color of the leaves is the exact same, and there is a sort of a path in both your painting and Clement's photo! Very reminiscent indeed!

It's funny to hear that Richard Todd thought everyone considered the TV show as more popular—side by side, the TV show wouldn't be able to stand up to The Story of Robin Hood at all.

Smiles from Sherwood,

~Adele :) :D ;)

Herns son said...

Robin Hood , the spirit of England

Susan Whitehouse said...

I grew up in these woods, they were my play ground. Only 15 minutes ride on my bike. My brothers and I were often packed off in the morning to play, jam sandwiches , and a bottle of pop in our bags. My mother always said , see you at tea time..... we were always late. Tea could wait, we were always busy building dens, playing cow boys and Indians and tying each other to trees.
This is such a magical place for any child to growup. Seeing the photos of the place have thrown me back to my childhood.

Clement Glen said...

Many thanks for your comments Susan. It must have been wonderful to be able to play in such a beautiful place. When I visited Burnham Beeches, the sun was shining, it was a warm day and the scenery was breathtaking. Please feel free to share any more memories you have.