Nottinghamshire in 1693

This amazing map of 'Robin Hood Country' was sent in by Albie. It shows Nottinghamshire in 1693 and clearly shows the surviving remants of the ancient Sherwood Forest and some of the old roads through the shire.


Clement of the Glen said...

"Nottinghamshire in 1693"


Herns son said...

What a wonderful site it must have been , Sherwood stretching right down to Nottingham itself , the castle high on the rock must have looked really intmidating and powerful. so sad that so little remains of this once majestic magificent forest.

Clement of the Glen said...

Many of the great oaks were used for the mighty sailing ships and buildings of the time, and sadly much of the forest went under the plough.

Luckily the great estates of the gentry preserved some of Sherwood, but what we see today Hern's son, is very little of what it once was.
But you are right, the site of Nottingham Castle, perched on the ridge, one of the biggest fortresses in England, must have been awesome.