Robin's Merrie Men

Above is very good still from Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood (1952) showing Friar Tuck (James Hayter) demanding two hundred shillings from the Sheriff (Peter Finch) for the ill treatment of the poor, eating at Robin’s table and for giving the friar a nasty bump on his head!

In this picture we also get a clear view of some of the faces of the Merrie men. So, what I would like to do is try and put some names to the faces that are shown. I have included below a list of the actors that appeared as Robin’s band of outlaws in the movie. If you can identify any of them in the picture, please get in touch at

Here is a list of the actors:

John Brooking: - Merrie Man

Ivan Craig: - Merrie Man

John French: - Merrie Man

Richard Graydon :- Merrie Man

Geoffrey Lumsden: - Merrie Man

John Martin: - Merrie Man

Larry Mooney: - Merrie Man

Nigel Neilson: - Merrie Man

Charles Perry: - Merrie Man

Ewen Solon: - Merrie Man

John Stamp: - Merrie Man

Jack Taylor: - Merrie Man


Clement of the Glen said...

Robin's Merrie Men

Names of the actors in the picture playing the Merrie men.

Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood (1952)

Neil said...

Well, the one on the right of the picture is Ewen Solon who became well known later on as Maigret's assistant in the famous TV series but I would reckon he is the most recognisable. As for the other actors they were names we knew well from that era. I will have to do some research to try to identify the others.

Clement of the Glen said...

Thanks Neil, thats a start. It would be great to learn about a few more of them.