Another 'Teaser Trailer!'

The excitement is building as the premier of the new Ridley Scott ‘Robin Hood’ movie approaches and yet another ‘teaser trailer’ has been released by Universal Pictures via Yahoo Movies to whet our appetites. This time we get a longer peek at the film, including scenes with Cate Blanchet as Lady Marian. Let me know what you think!


Clement of the Glen said...

Another 'Teaser Trailer!'
Rusell Crowe
Cate Blanchett
Robin Hood 2010

Herns son said...

Well, i am very impressed , the imagery and power with which Ridley Scott has done this film shows the pasion of this director to deliver nothing but the best. i myself cant wait to see it ,and get the dvd ,2, 3 or 4 disc edition, bring it on!!!

WoodsyLadyM said...

Best trailer yet. I'm also looking forward to the DVDs and whatever books they put out related to the movie.

Clement of the Glen said...

It certainly is looking stunning.

I do hope it creates plenty of interest in the legend as well, with plenty of tourists visiting this years Robin Hood Festival in Sherwood. Hopefully a few more books on the historical research into Robin Hood will be published.

Allen W. Wright said...

I'm glad they've decided to feature more of the narrative in the trailer instead of the grunting of the previous one, and to have a bit of humour. It's a vast improvement.