Film Script: 1. Huntingdon Manor

Script From 'The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men'

(From the screen play by Lawrence Edward Watkin)

Scene One: Huntingdon Manor

[Daybreak in Huntingdon Manor courtyard as the Earl prepares for the Crusade, Tyb the old nurse is searching for Maid Marian].

Tyb: Marian! Marian!

Earl of Huntingdon: Tyb, Is that daughter of mine not ready to leave?

Tyb: Aye, my Lord. I have her ready, decked and adorned like any daffodil. There will be no other lady half so fine. When the Queen sets her eyes on my pretty, she’ll take her, never fear.

Earl of Huntingdon: Then find her good Tyb, lest we leave in the hour, I’ll miss the King at Nottingham.

Tyb: Marian! Marian! Plague take that naughty gad-about playing will-o-the wisp at a time like this. Marian, M-Marian!

[Hugh Fitzooth enters the Courtyard. Tyb bows courteously].

Tyb: Master Fitzooth, where’s that harum-scarum son of yours?

Hugh Fitzooth: The Maid’s not with Robin if that’s what you mean.

Tyb: Find one bad penny, you’ll find two!

Hugh Fitzooth: Nay! My lad’s alone in the meadow, drawing his bow against a willow wand.

[Robin is practising his archery and Maid Marian is hidden in a bush meddling with Robin’s target. Eventually he realises and chases her through the trees until he stumbles on a root and falls to the ground. As he looks up at Marian, she laughs at him].

Marian: Did you miss the mark again poor fellow?

[As she starts to run away, Robin trips her up with his bow].

Robin: There’s more than one way to bring down a quarry.

[As they are both laughing on the ground Tyb the nurse maid approaches].

Tyb: Marian! Marian! Saints above now look at you! With the Earl, my Lord kept waiting, while you lie groveling in the dirt, showing your garter. A lady, who’s old enough to serve the Queen, should be old enough to act the lady.

Robin: Tut! Tut!

[Marian drew herself up stiffly].

Marian: Very well then, inform the Earl, my dear lord and father, I will attend to him presently.

[Tyb looks astonished].

Marian: You have my leave to go, good Tyb.

[Tyb bows and starts to make her way back to Huntingdon Manor].

Robin: Well!

Marian: And you good rogue, have my gracious leave to pine and fret till my return.

Robin: Oh! Why should I?

Marian: To please a Lady.

Robin: If I could please myself, I’d take the cross and follow my king to the Holy Land.

Marian: ‘T would come to the same thing in the end. Chop off enough heads; you will come back a knight. As a knight, you would go jousting in a tournament, to please a lady, and have you own head chopped off!

Robin: Ah! It will be worth it!

Marian: Is she so passing fair?

Robin: Aye.

Marian: Describe her to me Robin.

Robin: Well, she’s very………..

Tyb: Marian! Come now!

Robin: Your father’s waiting!

Marian: I know! I know! Tell me quickly!

Robin: Well, she’s tall and stately, with bonnie blue eyes and golden hair. And above all else, she’s sweetly tempered.

[Realising she’s been tricked, Marian kicks Robin in the shin. Robin begins to hop up and down in pain and as she passes him, Marian pushes Robin over and laughing makes her way back to Huntingdon Manor].

Marian: Farewell clod hopper!

[Robin laughs].


Clement of the Glen said...

Film Script: 1. Robin & Marian

From The Screenplay by Lawrence Edward Watkin

Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952)

Neil said...

Just want to comment on what a wonderful still this is. The Technicolor looks terrific and what a studio set that is - so realistic and for this the credit has got to go to Carmen Dillon.

Clement of the Glen said...

I have viewed this scene many times Neil-and I know we have discussed this before-but I still find it hard to distinguish between the studio and location filming.
As you say, it is so realistic and colourful-such a pity the colour quality of the copies released in the USA on DVD have not done the film the justice it deserves and have been described as 'murky.'

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Ladytink_534 said...

I really liked that part!