Clement's Clanger!

Over Christmas, one of my regular visitors, Christian Roy, informed me of an important omission in my review of the script of Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood (1952). This was during the early scene at The Great Hall in Nottingham Castle when the Royal Family are gathered to bid farewell to King Richard and the army as they depart for the Holy Land. I had missed out the section when the old Sheriff of Nottingham asking Richard if he and his men can join his Crusading army. This was a pinnacle moment in the whole film and Clement had dropped a clanger!

So this had left me with a problem, do I delete all the parts and start again or just insert the missing scene. I have opted to repost the scenes gradually in order, on a weekly basis, so as to keep some form of continuity under the Script Label. I hope my regular readers will not mind reading again Lawrence Watkin’s wonderful screenplay and a special thank you to Christian for pointing this out to me.

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Herns son said...

Hey clement , where did you find this shot, this again is the originel poster that hung evreywhere around the East End in 1952, this one was acctually the one they used all the time, my poster was more for magazines etc, as you see it has no iserts of the cast as mine does. this is so much better than the American one. thanks for publishing this.