Russell Crowe's 'Robin Hood' Trailer

Below I have posted various ‘snip its’ from the publicity websites promoting the new Ridley Scott film ‘Robin Hood’ starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett:

'The project is the fifth collaboration between the antipodean star and veteran director Ridley Scott.'

'This new 155 million dollar “historical” epic was filmed at the same location as ‘Gladiator’ and Crowe has revealed that just before production began, Scott instructed him to crop his hair close and grow a beard.

“I said: ‘Well, that’s Maximus’,” said Crowe, referring to his best-actor Oscar winning role in ‘Gladiator’.

“He said: ‘Look, I think if we’re going to steal from anybody, we’re OK to steal from ourselves!’” he added.'

'The action-packed flick features scenes with thousands of extras and horses. It includes a full-scale seaborne entrance of England.'

'Universal Pictures is hoping that the film, which is in post-production is an improvement on the Erroll Flynn and Kevin Costner versions!'


Plot Details: Russell Crowe plays Robin of Loxley in an 'origin' of the story of Robin Hood that hews close to historical facts of the period. Abandoned as a child, he finds community with the common people of Nottingham. Robin’s abandonment and trust issues hamper his ability to fall in love. He meets his match in Marian (Blanchett), a strong, independent woman.

For more details, interviews and clips from this new motion picture please click on the Robin Hood Films Label.


Clement of the Glen said...

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood

Azul María said...

OMG!!!!! I wanna see it nowww!!!!!

Alianore said...

I'm so looking forward to seeing this film!

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Clement - very early I know, but I'll be offline from tomorrow morning till early January.