Russell Crowe - Too Merry, But Kind To Those In Need!

According to the press Russell Crowe has been making a little too ‘merry’ in the taverns near to where the forthcoming £200 million Robin Hood epic is being filmed. It seems that the film star has been banned from The Brickmakers pub in Windlesham, Surrey.

A local resident reported that Crowe offered money to be allowed to keep drinking after closing time, but he was refused. According to a duty manager he eventually left, but not before smashing a plate on the way out. Crowe was told never to return!

This apparently is not the only local pub the Hollywood star has been barred from-at least two other drinking establishments in the area have ‘outlawed’ the next Robin Hood!

But like the hero of legend, Russell Crowe has been extremely kind to the people in need and reports of a big charity donation have made the local newspapers. Julia Deane, the branch manager of the Cancer Research shop in Sunningdale, Berkshire, said Crowe had been drinking in a cafe next door then decided to come in and take a look around. He asked a volunteer how he could go about making a donation. She took him to the back of the store and he kindly gave the very generous sum of £1,000. But the volunteer hadn’t recognised the Hollywood star, so she asked what name she could put into the donation book. When he replied ‘Crowe’, she asked: ‘As in Russell Crowe?’

Then the penny dropped!

Locals say that Russell Crowe was furious after news of his charity donation was leaked to the press, but Cancer Research UK said his publicity agents had approved the gesture being made public.

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Clement of the Glen said...

Russell Crowe-Robin Hood
Too Merry But, Kind To Those In Need!

Neil said...

Presumably they are using the old Samuel Goldwyn motto of 'any publicity is good publicity' I cant say I could agree with that one though. The publicity which accompanied a Walt Disney film was very respectable and subtle but also well timed and almost continous when it mattered. I well remember the Davy Crockett release when we all had the merchandise (Including the hat !!!) to go with it - and that had sprung from a TV series released worldwide to tremendous success. I get the impression that the new Russell Crowe film has not had the same careful marketing strategy but no doubt it will be a success.

Clement of the Glen said...

I agree Neil,

'In your face' publicity and hype is so important in the entertainment industry these days.

The 'past masters' had a far more subtle way of marketing their productions and Disney was the king!

WoodsyLadyM said...

I doubt anyone can put a leash on Russell Crowe. I love him as an actor but he does have something of a reputation for getting rowdy. At least the publicity agents are doing their job and doing their best so that people see his good side too.