Joan Rice March 1952

Joan Rice in a rare publicity picture taken in March 1952 for the forthcoming release of Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men.

Interesting to see the Mickey Mouse figure in Robin Hood costume, ‘whispering’ in Joan’s ear. Although the ‘medieval' Mickey character might have been designed for the premier of the live-action film, he was probably left-over from the animated feature Mickey And The Beanstalk in 1947.


Clement of the Glen said...

Joan Rice with Mickey Mouse in a publicity picture taken in March 1952.

Neil said...

Never seen this picture before and wonder whether it was ever used in the film promotion. Joan Rice has had many better photographs than this but in its own way it is appealing. I am of the firm view that Joan Rice's career was heading for great heights at this time which could be judged by her visit to Hollywood and Fiji for His Majesty OKeefe. I ask myself - what went wrong after that? The answer seems to me that she married and, as has been said here before, was then quickly dropped from her Rank contract. It was such a waste of a beautiful actress.

Clement of the Glen said...

There seems to be a complete split in oppions on Joan's acting ability amongst so-called film critics.

I read yesterday in an article on Disney's Robin Hood that she:

"has got to have been the worst Maid Marian of all time!"

This completely puzzles me. I would go as far as to say Joan carries the film along with Elton Hayes ......but then thats my humble oppinion.

Neil said...

I would certainly agree with that although James Hayter, Hubert Gregg and a few more were on top form as was Richard Todd.
However I agree in that Joan Rice was first rate and the best Maid Marian I have seen. Walt Disney said as much and he knew a bit about films. Joan Rice is my favourite screen actress.