I will be laying down my quill for a couple of weeks as I am off on Holiday.

I would like to say a big thank you to Neil and Mike, my regular contributors, for their continued support.

If you enjoyed the film, have any information about the making of it, or are interested in the remarkable legend of Robin Hood, you are welcome to get in touch at, in the Guest Book or in the Comments at the bottom of the page. It would be great to hear from you, so please do!

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Adele has been in touch to say her ‘Robin Hood’ gig with Wrens Song went well at the St. Louis Festival of Nations, which is great news. Well done Adele!

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See you soon.


Clement of the Glen said...

I'll be back in a couple of weeks!

Herns son said...

The smell of the forest,even now after nearly 60 years i regulaly visit my local forest area, its smells of "The story of Robin Hood" i am filled with nostalgia as i wonder though the trees with Elton Hayes songs from the film buzzing in my head. it just shows how great an impact the film had on me , wonderful happy days.

Clement of the Glen said...

I know exactly what you mean. There is something very magical about walking through the geenwood, on a warm sunny day and this was captured magnificently by the production crew on Disney's Robin Hood.

I must admit to singing 'Whistle My Love' whilst walking through those sun dappled glades of Burnham Beeches in April!

Herns son said...

Me too, would be great if the whistling arrows could all meet at Burnham beeches, and stroll together quoting large potions of script.and then a glass of Malmsy wine and savoty meat pie at the inn.
enjoy you break clement.

Herns son said...

sorry i mean (portions of script)

Herns son said...

ooops, and "Savory meat pie" (senior moment)

Clement of the Glen said...

Looks like you've already sampled the Malmsey Wine, Hern's Son!


Yes it would be great to all meet up at Burnham Beeches! Have to work on that one!

See You All Soon!