Meet a Singing Wren

I have recently introduced Hern’s Son, alias Mike who is a founder member of our loyal blog group known as The Whistling Arrows. It is now time to meet another of my regular visitors to the site, Adele Treskillard.

Adele is a multi talented young lady who first visited my site way back in October 2008. She was interested by the Sloane ‘Life of Robin Hood’, as she is intensely researching the legend through the perspective of the ancient ballads.

After corresponding with her a couple of times I discovered her website at which under the title ‘Greenwood Shadows’ and ‘Robin Hood’s Audacity’ puts forward her refreshingly new theories of how the legend evolved.

This is all the more interesting when you consider that Adele is a ‘sean-nos’ style singer specializing in Scottish, Irish, and Welsh songs in both the native languages (Scots, Scots Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, and Welsh) as well as English. Along with her brother and sister, she has formed a band known as Wren’s Song that focuses on traditional Celtic ballads and songs. Adele plays a 24 string Harp which uses bronze-phosphor strings in the Irish/Scottish Clarsach style.

But this is not all; Adele is currently taking her B.A. in Archaeology through the University of Leicester and began writing her first novel ‘Wolf’s Bard’ in 2005!

Amongst her birthday presents in June this year, Adele received a copy of Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood. She was so impressed by the movie, not only did she complete the questionnaire to join The Whistling Arrows, but she posted an article on her web site, describing it as a ‘nearly perfect film.’ Her father also contacted this site at the time, to say that the whole family had enjoyed the movie.

So the magic and quality of the film continues to spread.

Wren’s Song will be appearing at the St. Louis Festival of Nations on Saturday, August 29th, 2009. Their performance will also include a ‘Robin Hood Play’ involving a quarter staff fight! So on behalf of all of The Whistling Arrows, I would like to wish Adele and her brother and sister the very best of luck!

Adele’s Blog can be found here: or in the side bar of this site under “My Blog List.”

If you are a regular visitor to this site - are interested in the legend of Robin Hood and enjoyed Disney’s Story of Robin Hood please get in touch. If you click on the Label marked The Whistling Arrows you will be able to see the questions you will need to answer to join the merry band. If you answer them correctly you will receive a very rare picture of Joan Rice (Maid Marian) at the World Premier in London.


Clement of the Glen said...

Adele Treskillard

"Meet A Singing Wren"

The Whistling Arrows

Good Luck at the St. Louis Festival Adele!!!

Leighton said...

Hi Clement!

Leighton here. We spent all day banging each other with quarterstaves trying to choreograph the fight.

Adele's hands are in bad shape so I'm writing this. (Wink) Anyway, thanks for the publicity and encouragement!

See Ya,


Clement of the Glen said...

Hi Leighton,

I hope she is well enough to play her harp!!!!


Adele Treskillard said...

The Fest went well!