Burnham Beeches - Disney's 'Sherwood Forest'

Above is a map of the beautiful Burnham Beeches. I have marked in red the areas that were used by Walt Disney’s film crew during the making of the Story of Robin Hood in 1951. Outlined is Mendelssohn’s Slope, where many scenes were filmed, including the death of Robin’s father. Also Middle Pond, where Robin (Richard Todd) and Marian (Joan Rice) took their romantic evening stroll, accompanied by Friar Tuck (James Hayter) and Allan a Dale (Elton Hayes) singing ‘Whistle My Love.’
Burnham Beeches was the location chosen to be ‘Sherwood Forest,’ not only because of its close proximity to Denham Studios (12 miles approx.), where two of the huge sound stages were used, but also because of its amazing ancient woodland that was ideal as a backdrop to this classic tale. I have noticed a number of film web sites state that Disney’s live-action movie was the only Robin Hood tale to be filmed in Sherwood Forest. This in incorrect, but shows what a good choice Burnham Beeches was.
My wife and I visited Burnham in April and were stunned by the breathtaking scenery, it is no wonder film and television crews have been queuing up to shoot scenes in various areas of the forest since 1946. I thoroughly recommend a visit, particularly to our band of Whistling Arrows. So if you do make the trip, please send in some photos from your visit and I will be pleased to post them on this site.


Clement of the Glen said...

Burnham Beeches - Disney's Sherwood Forest

Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood (1952)

Herns son said...

Thanks a lot clement for this map. its a great guide to seeing these locations, when i visited Burnham Beeches around 8 years ago i did find the location for Robin Hood Price of Thieves , you could still make out the marks high in the trees where the tree houses were built , to walk in the footsteps of Richard Todd and Joan Rice will really mean a lot, well done my liege .

Clement of the Glen said...

It's a pleasure Hern's Son!

Did you see the wood they used to make Kevin Costner?