Richard Todd in 1950

We have recently seen a picture of Joan Rice in 1950, so here is Richard Todd in that same year reading a script; could it be The Story of Robin Hood?
Sitting alongside him is his first wife Kitty (Catherine Bogle).

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Clement of the Glen said...

Richard Todd with Catherine Bogle in 1950.

Neil said...

Not sure but I think this photograph was taken in Hollywood when Richard Todd and his wife had gone over for making of the film 'Lightning Strikes Twice'
Could have been the script for Story of Robin Hood. If it was, he was not at all keen on the idea at that time as he has often said. As we know he was persuaded and apparently enjoyed making the film very much. There is an article he wrote for one of the film magazines in diary form about the days he spent in Hollywood on the Lightning Strikes Twice film. I will try to locate it and send it in

Clement of the Glen said...

I have just been looking through 'Caught In The Act' and it appears that Richard Todd was in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hills Hotel in September/October 1950.

Although the dates are not clear he visited the Disney Studios a week after arriving in LA. As you say he wasn't keen on the role at first and left for England the next day.

Being such a popular actor at that time it could have been any number of scripts, but it would be nice to think that it was Robin Hood!

Herns son said...

Talking of script, The story of Robin Hood script has to be the very best to date, compere it with any other Robin Hood film and it stands out a mile. and Richard Todds acting and the delivery of his lines is really great to listen to made more so by his accent.