Miss Robin Hood

I couldn't resist sharing with you this poster from the 1940's. It is Miss 'Robin Hood' Hunter, apparently advertising an archery competition.


Herns son said...

Wow, now thats how to atract guys to archery , giving my age away again, these were popular when i was a kid, also, jumping to the 1950s, the cinemas that ware screening Robin Hood had a Robin Hood grotto in the foyer, this was magical, life sized Richard Todd and Joan Rice and the leafy greenwood, fantastic.we would leave the cinema and head for the woods to play out the film. simple pleasures but great.

Clement of the Glen said...

What would those items in that foyer be worth today Hern's Son?

That really is quite interesting.

I'm sure I know a few of the band of Whistling Arrows who would bid quite highly for a life-size Joan Rice!!!!

Herns son said...

Yes Clement, your right , me included , nowadays you would be able to obtain all these things, back then, you could not buy even a film poster or a still, we had only the mags, Photoplay, Film review , etc , the film companies were very protective of their film material. hence my act of trying to peel posters from billboards.