Joan Rice in 1950

This is a very rare image I have discovered of Joan Rice apparently modeling hats at a Milliners Show in 1950!

This was possibly before she signed a contract with Rank, but if anybody has any more details, can they contact me at

For more information on her life, please click on the Joan Rice Label below.


Clement of the Glen said...

Joan Rice in 1950

Milliners Show

Neil said...

Maybe this isn't the most flattering of outfits for Joan but at that time she looked lovely in anything and everything. She must have been ambitious or maybe, as happens in life, she may have arrived by accident. Anyway I am jolly pleased she did arrive and got the great chance that came her way. One of the loveliest girls in films.

Clement of the Glen said...

Hi Neil,

It does seem that Joan did some modelling in-between working as a Nippy waitress and starting her brief film career.

Lets hope some more information comes our way!