Patrick Barr as Richard the Lionheart

This stunning picture of Patrick Barr as Richard the Lionheart, was kindly sent to me by Mike.

The publicity photographers for Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood were Ian Jeays, George-Courtney Ward and Frank Bellingham.

I have tried to identify the work of the photographer of this and some of the stills I own, but it has proved impossible. So if anyone can help, please get in touch and if you have any stills from the film that you would like to share with the readers of this blog, please send a copy to


Clement of the Glen said...

Patrick Barr

Richard the Lionheart

Walt Disney's 'Story of Robin Hood'

Ladytink_534 said...

He made such a good King Richard!

Clement of the Glen said...

He was so good as King Richard he re-created the role in TV's Adventures of Robin Hood starring Richard Greene. Have you ever seen the series Ladytink?

Criag said...

Of all the actors that have played Richard I (that I have seen), strangely enough my favorite two have relatively small (though important) roles in the films, the first being Patrick Barr in this film and the other being Norman Woodland in the 1952 Ivanhoe. Richard leading his crusaders off in the beginning of Robin Hood and returning to face Prince John in Ivanhoe are among my favorite movie scenes.

Clement of the Glen said...

Hi Craig,

I agree-Ivanhoe, with Elizabeth & Robert Taylor is one of my favourite films. Made the same year as Disney's Story of Robin Hood-1952. Both full of sheer quality.

The final scenes with Ivanhoe's fight and the return of Richard and his Crusaders is fantastic!