Original British 'Story of Robin Hood' poster (1952)

Once again a big thank you goes out to Mike, for sending me a copy of his much-treasured original British poster of Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952).

In my opinion this is by far the best artwork I have seen for the movie, it captures beautifully the colour, action and romance of the film. I would love to own a copy of this. Unfortunately I have not found the name of the artist, although it seems to have been produced by Pulford Publicity in London which later became known as Downtown Advertising and Feref Associates. If anyone can help me find a name for the artist, please get in touch at


Clement of the Glen said...

Original 'Story of Robin Hood' poster (1952)

Herns son said...

Mike here, thanks for that, this poster was my holy grail, it really is a fabulous piece of art, back in 1952 this poster was everywhere, i tried in vain to obtain it but to no avail, i tried to tear it off the billboards but always it ripped , then one day over 50 years later i found it on e-bay, i had to have it and held off bidding to the last 30 seconds, the price was around £10. i think, so with just seconds to go , heart pounding , i bid a massive £30.25, and won, i still got my poster for £10 , but i didn't want to take any chances. the poster brings back my childhood as dose the film , and now , so dose this fabulous site, well done, Clement of the Glen .

Neil said...

Back in 1952 when and just before this colour film was released there was massive publicity and as Herns says posters were everywhere and this one in particular was about as good as it gets. Seems odd now but we always wanted to know if a film was in colour. This of course was in 'glorious technicolor' which was and is breathtaking. Best film colour era.
Herns is right - this site is fantastic and gives us so much information, photographs etc. As I have said before, when you look it is amazing what items about the film are available - much of it on ebay. Still need a copy of the film trailer though.

Clement of the Glen said...

Thanks for the kind words.

When I first began this blog I got quite a few visitors, but the feed-back was next to zero.

It can get very lonely and a number of times I thought about packing it all in. But recently you guys and your in-put have made it all very rewarding.

Herns son said...

I am sure pleased you never called it a day. and I'm sure the fame of this site will spread, at least I hope so, I check in every day , you may only have a small band of followers or the folks out there are just not feedbackers, so c'mon folks have your say. this site covers so many aspects of the Robin Hood legend. Surely enough for any Robin Hood enthusiast .