The Wedding of Joan Rice and David Green

These beautiful pictures of the wedding of Joan Rice and David Green were very kindly sent to me by Horace Ward. Horace was a freelance photographer for the film industry during the 1950’s and these images form part of his remarkable collection.

Some of the photographs from over half a century ago have no negatives; others are gradually working loose from their glass plates. But thankfully Horace managed to carefully scan these and send them to me, along with some very important details:

Monday February 16th 1953:
Screen star, JOAN RICE and film salesman, DAVID GREEN, marry at Maidenhead Register Office.
The bride wore a silver gown of Brussels lace, a headdress of orange blossom and a flowing white veil. The reception was held in the Gables Lodge, just outside Maidenhead. Amongst the many guests was film star, RICHARD TODD.

“Looking back,” Horace says, “I suppose I grate crashed Joan’s wedding....perhaps good job I did-because we now have evidence.”
I would like to send out a very big thank you to Horace for taking the time and trouble of finding and restoring these pictures for me. All three images are strictly under copyright.

Was that gentleman in the first picture Joan’s father?

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Clement of the Glen said...

The Wedding of Joan Rice and David Green.

Monday February 16th 1953

Gables Lodge, Maidenhead