Martitia Hunt as Queen Eleanor

This fantastic still of Martitia Hunt elegantly posing as Queen Eleanor, was kindly sent to me by Mike. There are more to come!


Clement of the Glen said...

Martitia Hunt
Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood
Queen Eleanor

Neil said...

It does seem surprising and exciting to think that new items from the film still emerge such as this wonderful still. What also continues to be confirmd is the quite massive publicity machine that went behind this film, its making, production and promotion worldwide. Following this it seems odd that the film then seemed to be shelved away and largely forgotten until the video release in 1986. Even then it was hardly with a fanfare of trumpets and in fact was low key.

Clement of the Glen said...


Thanks to the kindness of my regular visitors, we continue to be able to witness some of that remarkable Disney publicity machine. Especially fantastic stills like this one.

Lets hope there is plenty more out there!

robin hood said...

Martitia Hunt: I can never stop thinking of her as the Count's mother in Hammer's "Brides of Dracula", and that really sad scene where she accepts her fate and surrenders to Cushing's stake!