Denham Studios, June 16th 1951

This interesting magazine picture, was posted to me a while ago by Neil. It shows the cast in the studio filming one of the final scenes at Denham Studios of Disney’s Story of Robin Hood. King Richard has just made Robin Hood (Richard Todd) the Earl of Locksley and the Merrie Men look-on as Maid Marian (Joan Rice) embraces her future husband. Both Robin and Marian are out of the picture.

These last scenes were shot at Denham on June 16th 1951.

Neil says, “Just look at the set with the silver birch tree to the left of the enormous camera and note the camera on short distance 'rail' type lines for limited movement. Also the forest set behind them that doesn’t seem to have the depth to it that the film would indicate.”

Pictures like this give us a very rare glimpse of film production in the early 1950's. Thank you Neil.

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Denham Studios

June 16th 1951