The Riddle of Robin Hood # 3

This is a continuation of the script from Walt Disney’s short promotional film the ‘Riddle of Robin Hood’ a unique insight into the making of his later live-action production the Story of Robin Hood. To read the earlier sections please click on the label below:

"Back in London another Disney task force went into action. This was headed by the only woman art director in the film business, Carmen Dillon (seen above with her assistant, either Arthur Lawson or Jack Stevens) . Whose deigns for Sir Lawrence Olivier’s ‘Hamlet’, won her an Academy Oscar.

Hers was the job of locating and bringing to life the physical background of Robin Hood’s day, the castles, the villages and the spirit of twelfth century England. Here the Tower of London as it was in Robin’s time, built from an artist’s conception but re-constructed from ancient engineering and architectural plans .Then Nottingham town. Of course Nottingham, one of England’s great cities today, is far different in appearance from when it was a quaint midland village, centuries ago.

But with honest research, comprehensive sketches, then carefully constructed models, it was hoped to bring it to life. To in view it with the same congenial charm that coaxed Robin out of nearby Sherwood for one of those stimulating visits, that used to upset the Sheriff there so much.

Close at hand during the
[piece missing] ………..down to the last bolt on the helmet was the object of his most careful attention. As for ladies wear, they presented a bit of a problem in those pre-zipper days. By the time the lady struggled into her dress, half the day was gone. So there being no time to fix her hair, she usually wore one of those over her hair. It’s known as a cowl and what it saved in time, it probably lost in husbands!"

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