Sorry it's such short notice! But I have just found out that there will be a rare showing of Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men on Monday December 8th 2008 on Channel 4 here in England. The film will start at 1.50 pm.

If you haven't seen the movie before let me know what you think of it.


Neil said...

I did see that the film does, as you say, get a rare showing tomorrow. It is well worth recording to DVD again because I would guess that the print they have will be top rate, and very sharp. Watched The Sword and The Rose this afternoon and marvelled at some of the Peter Ellenshaw matte shots which were simply unbelievable.

Clement of the Glen said...

Trouble is with Channel 4 there are so many adverts! But I will give it a try.

Why do you think it is that they show Sword and The Rose, Robin Hood, Treasure Island etc but never Rob Roy?