Son of Friar Tuck

I recently found this post on the excellent Robin Hood 2007 blog and obtained permission from its owner Robin Hood, to show it on here. I am sure you will enjoy it:

"Hello! A little trivia for you. My father James Hayter who played Friar Tuck in the 1952 Disney version had (eventually) 8 children.
When this film was made his youngest son was my brother Tim who aged 5 as a special treat was one day taken to watch location filming.

There is a scene in the film just after Robin and the Friar carry each other over the stream then begin to fight in earnest and are unaware that they are being surrounded by the Sheriff of Nottingham’s men.

During the ensuing battle where they fight back to back against the soldiers a man on horseback inflicts a mighty whack on Friar Tucks head with the flat of his sword. At this point a small but piercing shout rang out across the set, "don’t hurt my daddy"!

Although this raise a smile amongst the cast and crew it caused the entire scene to be reshot with perhaps 20 horsemen having to gallop into the shot and do it all again. Perhaps this is why I don’t recall being invited onto any sets when my turn came!!”

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Son of Friar Tuck

Filming at Denham Studios

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