British Poster

I'm back again, refreshed and with a new template. I thought I would start my third year with a British poster I recently discovered from what could be the late 50's or early 1960's. Perhaps someone could date this more accurately for me.


Clement of the Glen said...

British Poster 50's/60's

Neil said...

Could well be the later re release late in the 50s because it is noticeable (much to my irritation) that Joan Rice seems to be billed and pictured smaller than Peter Finch and Mr.Justice. When the film was originally released in 1952 she seemed to almost have star billing with Richard Todd, and Peter Finch was virtually unknown. It is this role that kick started his career and brought him to the attention of film producers and directors. He was very good I have to say but then so was Hubert Gregg who I thought was brilliant as Prince John - best I have seen.

Clement of the Glen said...

That a very good point Neil.

It would be interesting to try and get the dates of the film's re-releases in England. I shall put it on my list.