Disneyland High Fidelity Record

This is the original Disneyland High Fidelity LP soundtrack from the motion picture The Story of Robin Hood DQ-1249. The dramatic sleeve was printed in the U.S.A and is © 1963. On the back of the LP are five stills from the film.
The first shows Richard Todd as Robin sending a signal arrow to his men. Next we see Friar Tuck, Robin Hood and Little John, three companions in defence of righteousness and good King Richards name. The third picture shows Friar Tuck as he, becomes the unhappy beast of burden for the fun loving Robin Hood. A dramatic still from the fight scene on the bridge, between Little John and Robin is described as a rousing jousting match with the giant stranger (Little John) who will not let him pass. And lastly a publicity still, showing Robin and the lovely Maid Marian, described as being well rewarded for their services to the king.
Included below is the impressive detailed description of the album given by the seller.

"Long before Walt Disney Productions released its 1973 animated all-animal re-telling of the English classic Robin Hood, Walt Disney had already personally told the tale as a live-action feature film.

The Story Of Robin Hood was filmed on location in England, and released theatrically in 1952. A stellar cast was assembled: dashing Richard Todd was Robin Hood, lovely Joan Rice portrayed Maid Marion, James Robertson Justice appeared as Little John, and, in an early screen role, Peter Finch played the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. This British record, released in 1963, features all of these stars and more in dramatic and musical excerpts from the soundtrack of the motion picture. The adventurous tale is narrated by voice veteran Dal McKennon (narrator of the 1967 Disneyland Storyteller Record of The Jungle Book and well-known to guests of Disneyland in California as the voice telling you to "hang onto your hats and glasses" on the "wildest ride in the wilderness," Big Thunder Mountain Railroad).

Balladeer Elton Hayes, the film's Alan-a-Dale, sings the Eddie Pola - George Wyle song Riddle De Diddle De Day as well as Come Sing Low, Come Sing High and The Ballad of Robin Hood, which he co-wrote with screenplay author Lawrence Edward Watkin (the writer behind Darby O'Gill and the Little People and the Mickey Mouse Club serial Spin and Marty)."

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Disneyland High Fidelity Record
Walt Disney Presents The Story Of Robin Hood.